Thursday, March 26, 2015


  1. I used to feature Numbers as a post all the time, but I've fallen off in the last maybe two years. 
  2. This is post number 3,041. That's a lot of drivel; thanks for sticking around.
  3. According to an app on my phone, I am currently 28 weeks and five days pregnant. That would be 201 days pregnant and in my third trimester. In common parlance, I'm in my seventh month and the home stretch. 
  4. Buddy is 3 months away from turning five! I feel like a five year old is a big girl. She'll start kindergarten soon.
  5. I am still 37 but many of my pals are now 38, which means I will be soon, too. 
  6. I am having my whole family over for Easter Feaster so that means we'll have eight adults and four kids over. 
  7. I have had eight meetings so far this week. I have one more to go today and one tomorrow. 
  8. And here's our TBT from four years ago: 

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