Thursday, March 19, 2015


I'm thinking I may need to rethink my route to work. I'm not sure.

In order to avoid the 110, and I'll do a lot to avoid the 110, I drive the streets to get to DTLA from the 105. (HA! My usage of freeways is to amuse the east coasters who are reading. But it really is also how we talk here.)

Anyways, so you know about the homeless encampment I talked about last Friday, steps away from the billion dollar institution in which I work.

Then the day before yesterday I saw a young, latino man get pulled over and put into handcuffs. He was probably stoned. Whatever. It stunk.

Then this morning I saw a man toss around his lady friend while lots of people looked on at the bus stop.

Not to mention the wild dogs roaming.

Anyways, just thinking about it.

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