Wednesday, February 04, 2015


I like to go back to BFF's blog because she documents her pregnancies (and children's lives, really) so meticulously, week by week. Not here so much. When you come here you get a hodge podge.

So far, she and I are on the same path. When she was 21 weeks, which is what I am now (it's like the first week of my 6th month, which I think is easier to understand than weeks), she could feel the baby moving a lot but husband and kid couldn't. Same same with me. She had gained about a half a pound, I am about the same. We both had/have a visible bump. I'm still not in maternity clothes but that is mostly me being stubborn.

I feel really good and am enjoying growing the baby in my tummy. I generally like being pregnant and try to make the most of it. I've been doing a whole lot of yoga which I hope to continue after I have the baby, but who the heck knows? I've been sleeping better and I've pretty much stopped having headaches. I'm excited for this baby but excited to have 4 more months to grow him or her, too.

I'm mostly just hungry. Ha! Do you have any snacks??

You can't really tell I'm pregnant in these pics, but I happen to have pics of me, so you get to see them here.

In person I think you can tell, but you might also just think I'm fat. It's okay. I still love you. I'm not fat, I'm pregnant.

This was 20 weeks. My pal is at 35 weeks so any bump I might have had would be totally overshadowed. 

Us at Disney last week. You can tell here, but again I could just be a chubby lady. 

This shadow pic at 21 weeks was supposed to show the awesome plant my dad planted but instead it came out cool of my belly. It's bigger in the shadow than in real life but that is generally the case with shadows. 

Surprised you didn't know that. 


Randi said...

Yeah dude you don't look fat you look pregnant. ICAN'TWAITTOMEETTHEBEBEH!

Christine said...

You look great! I love baby bumps :)

Ang said...

can't wait to be auntie again!