Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A little bit of unsolicited, free parenting advice

I'm on this facebook that is all about women sharing parenting tips and tricks. And recommendations for good wax places and prenatal yoga. It's a good place.

But, I'm surprised at least daily by what people ask of the the group. "My child ate 6 pieces of pizza at a birthday party the other day. Does he have food issues?" "My daughter isn't sleeping through the night and she's 13 weeks old. What should I do?", "My son cries when I won't pick him up right away." and on and on.

It makes me think that people are leaning a bit heavy on social media to get their questions answered.

So, here's my advice:
  1. Trust your instincts.
  2. If you have a question, call your mom or your sister or text your best friend. Or me!
  3. When in doubt, pick up your baby and give her a hug or a squeeze. Guess what? They are going to be big soon and move away and have babies of their own. 
  4. If your child is sleeping in your bed, make sure you put your hand on their little body while they are sleeping at least once a night. So you can feel them breath and dream in their sleep. Thank whoever it is you thank that you have that little angel sleeping next to you and rub their back before turning back over to fall asleep yourself. Remember that they will sleep in their own beds soon and also have boyfriends. 
  5.  If your child eats too much pizza at a party give her an apple and a glass of water when she gets home. It will help her poo later.
  6. If your child still takes a bottle at 3 years old, don't worry about it. No one ever walked down the aisle at graduation for high school drinking out of a baby bottle.
  7. If your baby doesn't want to eat bananas then don't give them to her. 
  8. Same goes for string cheese, peas and chicken.
  9. If your child watches too much TV, turn it off. 
  10. If all else fail, remember these three words: It's a phase. 


Randi said...

I talked to PJP yesterday, my advice was as follows:
1. Listen to no one. (much on the line of follow your instincts)
2. Vaccinate your children.

That was about it. Those kids are hard to break, hard to kill and are resilient little mofos. My theory is people are too pampered and life is too easy so they worry about dumb shit too much. Amen.


Christine said...

Great advice!
My one piece of advice to add on to yours: If your kid doesn't like bananas, wait a couple weeks and try again. Tastes are always changing. You never know. Also, absolute statements are a detriment to parenting (my kid doesn't... my kid won't....). By putting labels on your kid (esp at a young age) - of course they don't or won't!

cindita said...

Well said, Cood. Spoken like a pro.

Nancy said...

Can you PLEASE post this on FB so I can share it?!?!?!?!?!?!?