Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

The Good

  • I'm not gonna lie - it's pretty much all good. I'm feeling good, Buddy is doing good, Babe seems okay (I mean he's good. He has a lot of work. Like a lot, a lot. But he seems okay.), my work is going well. It's not hot here. Yeah. It's good.
  • This coffee is good. It's a Starbucks Christmas Blend which I thought was a thing of the past but it appears the Starbucks in my building was holding on to some for the winter months.
  • My hair is good.
The Bad

  • A lot, right? Like this thing in France. That's bad. The Boko Haram massacre. That's bad. Traffic. It's bad. 
The Ugly

  • The furious rage that I feel when I think about people who choose not to vaccinate their children. I turn into a psychopath. I want to punch people in the throat. When I read stuff like this about the measles outbreak at Disneyland and I think about the scores of selfish assholes who choose not to vaccinate their children based on faulty science and what that means for poor Violet the cancer kid who's wish was to go meet Mickey Mouse :
Then there are the children who have weakened immune systems or cannot medically be vaccinated. After all, Disneyland is the place where wishes come true – quite literally for kids granted wishes through organizations such as the Make a Wish Foundation. According to their website, Disney is involved in granting nearly 7,000 of the foundation’s 14,000 wishes each year. Although most of those children go to Walt Disney World, a substantial number head to the West Coast: the third most requested destination is Los Angeles and Orange County, and the foundation’s first official wish kid went to Disneyland. What if a child such as Violet, who visited Disneyland with eye cancer, hops on the same Dumbo or Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train car after an intentionally unvaccinated child with measles?

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Randi said...

The bad and the ugly are poop. Now is the time to focus on tiny babies and fluffy puppies and the beauty of a rainbow. I don't want to sound like a dirty hippie but leave the rage to me. Ha!