Thursday, January 22, 2015


I was looking back at January 2010 in my blog to see what was on my mind because I was pretty much exactly this far along with Buddy at the same time. Anyways, I had a headache then and I do now. haha.

But I also found this haiku which I thought was pretty neat:

Met tiny Ethan
yesterday. You know, Nancy's
wee little baby.

Dreamt about my own.
Babe said, "What did he look like?"
Me: "It was a girl."

Tiny with black hair.
Spent the first night in her car
seat. I didn't sleep.


Randi said...

That's sweet dude.
Hope your headache scrams quickly.

Nancy said...

This is adorable. I have the photo in my head from the day you met chubs.

Hope you are feeling better xoxoxoxo
Spot on with the premonition!