Friday, January 30, 2015

haiku friday

bye january!
thanks for going so quickly.
and bein all fast.

superbowl is next
and valentines i suppose
fifty shades of grey?

all i know is this.
baby will be here before
i blink my eyeballs. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

THURSDAY!, TBT, Happy Beeday Gabs

What a week, pals!

I've been in meetings since January 1st, I think, and Tuesday we went to Disneyland. I took Buddy to the dentist this morning and I'm not gonna lie. That shit was cute. She didn't cry, she didn't have any cavities, and they cleaned her tiny teeth. I credit her Dad entirely because he brushes her pearly whites every night. She does them herself in the morning, so I guess she should get some credit, too.


I just read this sentence and it super depressed me:

A report released Wednesday from Standard & Poor's questioned how sustainable California's recovery is, warning that the budget could be dramatically hurt if the stock market shifts from gains to losses because about half of the state's revenue comes from the wealthiest 1 percent in California, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Half of the state's revenue comes from the wealthiest 1percent. That's crazy, right?

In other news, here's a #tbt picture because let's face it, that's why you're really here:

This TBT is dedicated to Gabby who's 27th birthday it is today. Don't ask me how she is 27 when we were in kindergarten together, but it just is okay?

When you go to Junior High School together and you make it through that mess, you will literally be friends for the rest of your lives. Mark me on this my friends.

Here's our Jr High ID pictures. Why do I have them? Nobody knows. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

haiku friday

i have this pic up
just above my desk at work.
it brings me great joy.

its from the bronx zoo.
it was snowing out and cold.
it was so quiet.

we saw tigers and 
bears playing in the snow. it
was only us there. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015


I was looking back at January 2010 in my blog to see what was on my mind because I was pretty much exactly this far along with Buddy at the same time. Anyways, I had a headache then and I do now. haha.

But I also found this haiku which I thought was pretty neat:

Met tiny Ethan
yesterday. You know, Nancy's
wee little baby.

Dreamt about my own.
Babe said, "What did he look like?"
Me: "It was a girl."

Tiny with black hair.
Spent the first night in her car
seat. I didn't sleep.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

happy beeday dude

This is from August 2003 right before me and Babe tied the knot. 

Or maybe the day after. I don't remember. 

Happy beeday Ang! 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Wknd Pics

Buddy and her dad went to Legoland on Saturday and did the kids mile marathon. She's such a good little runner. 

And then she did Parkour outside in Manhattan Beach on Monday. 

Friday, January 16, 2015

haiku friday

this week, i was sick.
i caught a bad cold you guys.
it's been many years.

i'm on the mend now.
still not all the way better
but getting there soon.

little bruno takes
all my body's energy.
leaves me defenseless.

Thursday, January 15, 2015


I'm pretty bad at timer shots. My camera has a mind of its own. So, here is a delightful set from the holidays. Enjoy! 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


There's the peanut! Bruno is busy doing exactly what he (or she) needs to be dping. Growing!

All my tests are done and everything seems good! He (or she) is so cute.

I am almost half way there in case you didn't know and wanted to.

Hi guys!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

The Good

  • I'm not gonna lie - it's pretty much all good. I'm feeling good, Buddy is doing good, Babe seems okay (I mean he's good. He has a lot of work. Like a lot, a lot. But he seems okay.), my work is going well. It's not hot here. Yeah. It's good.
  • This coffee is good. It's a Starbucks Christmas Blend which I thought was a thing of the past but it appears the Starbucks in my building was holding on to some for the winter months.
  • My hair is good.
The Bad

  • A lot, right? Like this thing in France. That's bad. The Boko Haram massacre. That's bad. Traffic. It's bad. 
The Ugly

  • The furious rage that I feel when I think about people who choose not to vaccinate their children. I turn into a psychopath. I want to punch people in the throat. When I read stuff like this about the measles outbreak at Disneyland and I think about the scores of selfish assholes who choose not to vaccinate their children based on faulty science and what that means for poor Violet the cancer kid who's wish was to go meet Mickey Mouse :
Then there are the children who have weakened immune systems or cannot medically be vaccinated. After all, Disneyland is the place where wishes come true – quite literally for kids granted wishes through organizations such as the Make a Wish Foundation. According to their website, Disney is involved in granting nearly 7,000 of the foundation’s 14,000 wishes each year. Although most of those children go to Walt Disney World, a substantial number head to the West Coast: the third most requested destination is Los Angeles and Orange County, and the foundation’s first official wish kid went to Disneyland. What if a child such as Violet, who visited Disneyland with eye cancer, hops on the same Dumbo or Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train car after an intentionally unvaccinated child with measles?

Monday, January 12, 2015

wknd pics!

Ang watched Buddy overnight on Saturday so Babe and I could go to his crazy work party in San Jose. It was a flashlight tour of the Winchester Mystery House which was pretty spooky. Here's a pic she took of Buddy before bed and I love it to pieces. 

Before we took of Saturday I got Buddy ready for a beeday party which her Auntie took her to. I think she looks very well put together here! 

And here's a pic we sent Buddy so she wouldn't forget us. 

Friday, January 09, 2015

haiku friday

you know what i love?
the month of january.
so fresh and so clean.

brand new calendar,
awesome new book for my lists.
new fsa plan.

it's a long month too.
with a holiday in it. 
and sister's birthday.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015


We had our pals over on Sat for a nice lunch. I wanted soup with white beans, chard and sausage. So, I googled: Soup with White Beans, Chard and Sausage.

And here's the soup I made:

Swiss Chard, White Bean and Sausage Soup
Original recipe here: The Garden of Eating

·         1 large bunch Swiss or rainbow chard, washed, dried with the ribs removed, chopped and set aside
·         1 large or 2 medium onions, diced (I JUST USED HALF OF A LARGE ONION)
·         3-4 large cloves of garlic, minced or pressed
·         3-4 carrots, sliced
·         2 cans of cannellini beans, rinsed and drained
·         Half a bunch of fresh basil, rinsed, dried and chopped
·         Handful of fresh oregano, rinsed, dried and chopped (I DIDN'T HAVE ANY SO USED A LITTLE BIT OF DRIED OREGANO)
·         1 lb organic pork sausage, uncased (try to buy from a farmer near you) (I JUST BOUGHT JOHNSONVILLE SAUSAGE FROM RALPH'S. I BOUGHT SPICY AND MILD AND USED HALF OF EACH.)
·         1 quart of pureed or chopped tomatoes
·         1 quart of vegetable stock  (I USED CHICKEN STOCK)
·         However many Parmesan or Romano rinds you can rustle up (I ONLY HAD ONE)
·         A few tsps chopped fresh parsley for garnish (optional)  (I DIDN'T HAVE THIS. BESIDES, BABE HATES FRESH PARSLEY)
       Freshly grated Parmesan cheese for garnish (optional) (CHEESE IS NEVER OPTIONAL)
·         2 Tbsps olive oil
·         Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste

1. Heat the olive oil over medium heat in a large soup pot. Add the onions and saute for 3-4 minutes until they begin to become transparent then add the garlic and cook another 2-3 minutes until the garlic becomes fragrant.
2. Add the chard ribs and carrots and saute for another 3-4 minutes. Clear some space in the middle of all those vegetables and toss the sausage in. Cook, stirring frequently and kind of chopping it up with the spoon or spatula to cut the meat up into manageable chunks. Saute until the meat is browned.
3. Add the tomato and vegetable stock along with the Parmesan rinds and half of the basil and oregano and bring to a boil, then turn the heat down to low and simmer for 20 minutes. Add the chard leaves, the beans and the rest of the herbs, stir, then add salt and pepper, taste it and adjust as needed. Cook for another 10-15 minutes then serve, topped with a sprinkling of fresh parsley and a lot of fresh, grated Parmesan.

Monday, January 05, 2015

Happy 2015!

Happy new year folks!

Should be a good year. Last year was pretty badass.

Yesterday, as I was sorting through the many, many bags of maternity clothes I have acquired over the last couple of years it really hit me that we've got another little baby coming soon! It's not like I was in denial or anything, I just can't believe our little family of three is going to be our little family of four.


Anyways, should be a pretty good year.

Hope yours is going great so far!

Friday, January 02, 2015