Tuesday, November 25, 2014

wknd pics

because this is a place to relax on the web, we're not going to talk about Ferguson. because talking about Ferguson doesn't make me relax it makes me cry real tears and my head hurts when thinking about it.

instead, let's look at pics from this weekend.

we went to the getty museum which is gorgeous and free and beautiful. 

i've always seen the little train that takes you to the top of the hill but never been on it. so we got to take it! 

amazing views!


cactus garden

cactus garden take 2!

no more pictures please!

the gardens at the getty are unreal. go see!


Randi said...

I wanna go. And I wanna kiss Sasha on the face.

Jessica said...

The world may be effed up, but at least we have museums and views and Sasha's tooths.

Nancy said...

Lemme try this again;)

SHE IS GORGEOUS! No more baby--such a pretty little girl