Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I'm back!

Hello pals!

We're back from our vacation back to the east coast!

Our visit was terrific. We saw our peeps, enjoyed the fall weather, ate delicious food, and went to a beautiful wedding.

I'll have more pictures and stories to share over the next few days but I wanted to just show you this one:

Here's buddy, hanging out in front of her old apartment building in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

She did so good on this trip, you guys. We were hauling her all over the place, on the subway, in cabs, walking all over town. She did so good and had so much fun.

She cried twice when she realized we had to go home. She said she wanted to stay! 

I told her Ori wasn't in Brooklyn, though, and that made her think twice. 


More pics to come soon. 

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