Monday, October 20, 2014

Dee Cee Trip, Photos

Mt. Vernon! Where GW lived. Nice, huh? 

The view from Mt. Vernon.

panporamic view from mt. vernon! 

old bedroom

GW sat here to write the constitution. No joke! 

After all of our events were finished, we took a pretty cool tour of the capital. Did you know there is a little train beneath the capital connecting the buildings? 

Here it is! 

This is the view from the capital building. We got to tour a Senator's office. Yeah. 

Old stuff in the capital. 

Chandelier that now hangs in the capital. used to hang in brothel. keep it classy, DC! some things never change. 


California's statue of Junipero Serra. 

the old supreme court. 


Randi said...

These were just delightful.

Michele said...

Very nice! I know Drew would have loved this trip!