Monday, August 25, 2014

wknd pics

joseph posted this on my facebook; i share with you. little besties. 

Queso's beeday present. This bag - it's not quite big enough. 

happy birthday queso. 

BFF's wall. 

scary jumper with children who look like they are trapped in between spider man's legs. 

We took a little plane ride up to San Jose for Babe's company picnic, which was a minor league game. My buddy loves to travel! 

Buddy on the giant slide. 

Running the bases! 

Mama and Buddy. 

Reading the map. 


Train tracks always remind me of Stand By Me. 


Randi said...

Super fun tymz! LOVE THESE! xoxoxoxoxo

urbangirl said...

holy cow! look how big the sash is. yes! no!