Wednesday, August 20, 2014

as told to bestie over IM

 me: oh i forgot to tell you
this morning
when me and buddy were walking to school - 
well she always shoots out the door and runs down to the sidewalk
and this morning
she ran through a *&%!&$ gigantic spider web
and started hollering so i run over to see this big *&%^&$! running down her back
 bestie:  ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!
 me:  so i go over to her to get him off and he runs down onto the ground
and my heart is *&%^&$! pounding
and i go wow buddy! he's gone baby you are so brave
 bestie:  and you *&%^&$! murdered him!>>>>>>>>>
 me:  and she goes its not gone!!
and i realize she is like the hobbit all wrapped up in web
 bestie:  ohgodno
 me:  so i brush it off her furiously and
then its done
and she started skipping her way to school
 me:  its body was easily the size of a whopper
or a gobstopper
big and fat and round
 bestie:  stop.
 me:  it ran for its *&%^&$!  life or else i would have killed the &*%! out of it
 bestie:  got it


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just fyi- that was not relaxing. I thought I was coming to a place to relax on the web