Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Dresden

Totally, Mr. Ly, the Dresden was the bar from Swingers!

The other day, I went to some book signing thing in Los Feliz (a neighborhood in Los Angeles) and my coworker and I were a little early. So, we went to grab a drink. And we saw the Dresden! Which I knew about from the movie Swingers. It is a huge, dark bark. Very old glamour. Not glamorous anymore.

I took these photos:

Check the schooly lights. And you can see the cartoon pictures on the wall. 

Check the white leather booths! 

And the wee Dresden tiles.

Well, then, Babe and I went there on a date and we got to see the famous Marty and Elayne perform. It was a great night. I recommend going there.

Here's one of the scenes from Swingers, but I can't tell which one because I try not to watch movies at work. Haha. 

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