Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rainbow Rowell

I recently read two books by Rainbow Rowell that I must recommend you purchase immediately, especially if you love any of the following things (preferably at least two of them):
  1. 80s movies
  2. Funny people
  3. First love 
  4. Pop culture
  5. Witty writing
Don't like those things? What on earth are you doing reading this  blog, then? (Haha, that was my attempt at number 5.)

Anywho, Eleanor and Park is a story about true love and punk rock music. It is set in the 80s and could have made a very good John Hughes movie. Right? He's the one who made Sixteen Candles? Just read it.

I just finished this little number. It's mostly email between two besties and reminds me a lot of me and BFF's im exchanges, meaning full of hilarious wit and snappy comebacks. It's 1.99 on kindle right now, so if you have one - download it. You'll thank me later! 


Jessica said...

Downloaded! I thank you.

cindita said...

Ooooooohhhhhh, can't wait to read that other one!