Thursday, July 31, 2014

Oboes & Retreats

A retreat when I was a youth meant going off into the woods and learning about Jesus, but really making out with boys. (Sorry, mom.) (And Babe.)

At every job I've ever had (except one) summertime has meant "retreat time."

So we retreat - which means at least a five hour planning session where you set lofty goals for the year to come with few strategies to achieve them.

Now that I run a bunch of boards, I have more than one of these a summer. So that's what I've been up to lately.

What a digression!

I meant to tell you that Buddy is getting big and so now she says a lot of things correctly.

She still has a few that are awesome like for "elbows" she says "oboes."

And, she doesn't really understand how to talk about things in the past so everything is either "yesterday" or "when I was a baby."

She still says "muse-skit" for "music."

She used to call her "ankles" her "bumps," but now they are her ankles.

Anyways, have a good day. I will be in a retreat. Very likely retreat planning for my next one in two weeks. And sharing lessons from the one I had four weeks ago.


Randi said...

Everything in Casey's life is either yesterday or when he was a baby. That's too funny.
*Askedent = accident
*Calapitter = caterpillar

My favorite thing "Mom, I like you too much, can we have a snuggle when we get home?"

Jessica said...

Yesterday= anytime in the past
When I was a baby= a topic we discuss ALL THE TIME
A long day ago= also anytime in the past
Tomorrow= anytime in the future
Saturday= when all fun things happen
Orctogon= Antarctica