Wednesday, June 04, 2014

mommy blogging, etc.

As you probably noticed, the internet is full of hatred. Some of it comes from well-intentioned people who think they are being helpful and some of it comes from those who are just awful. 

Nowhere is this more clear, I think, than around parenting and motherhood. Wow. In real life (outside of the internet, I mean) people are constantly commenting on what you are doing, how you should do it, what is right, what is wrong, what is good, what is bad. A few examples, if I may: 

  1. I had my pediatrician give me shit when buddy was three days old for the way that I was rocking her. 
  2. I had every woman in my apartment building telling me what and what not to feed buddy, and when. 
  3. I had woman yelling at me on street corners about how I was holding my baby, how I should feed my baby, and whether or not I should be pushing the stroller the way I was.
Don't even get me started on sleep stuff.

It's nice to be further away from that now. Being the mom of an almost four year old, you have your wits about you and have built up a pretty good cadre of people that you trust and that you want advice from. That will rarely be your pediatrician, by the way. 

There is still plenty of mom-shaming, though. (Wait, how much TV? Your child stills sleeps with you? Can't your kid write her name already?)

The reason I bring this up was the woman I met in baby yoga and who I am still pals with put this article on the Facebook: Hey, Hi. I Want Off Your Parenting Team. So, I read it because she and I are pretty simpatico. Anyways, read it or don't, but this is the part that made me laugh out loud and resonated with me, personally:

The other day I looked at my kid and asked, quite seriously, “No for real, what the hell is wrong with you?”

I apologized, but still. I’m pretty sure that move ain’t in Parenting from the Heart.  Dr. Sears is officially not supporting that tactic.

Yesterday Georgia watched approximately twelve episodes of Handy Manny. Do the math, people. Do the math.

She should be playing with Amish carts and brown-skinned Waldorf dolls bought on Etsy, but instead she’s singing “Todos juntos!” with her face 4-inches from her brother’s Kindle Fire.

And yet, here I am, 20 weeks pregnant with my 4th kid, hanging out with 3 perfectly healthy, thriving older kids, walking along happy as can be, mostly.
Anyways, enjoy the article. Or don't. We'll still be friends. 


Randi said...

This was the article that sparked the commentary of yesterday, dude. Mrs. Ross shared it. I was like "It's a shame this shit has to be written and I'm glad I have never encountered this kind of shit."
I liked the article, though. That all being said. Ha!

Ma said...

I liked the article, Cod.
It didn`t apply to just moms.
It applies to all of us on "Team Human".
Love, Ma

Ang said...
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Christine said...

I really, really liked that. Thank you! xoxo

Nancy said...

Moral of the story. Listen to your Ma