Tuesday, April 01, 2014


we sure used to have a lot of earthquakes when i was a kid growing up in oxnard, california. but in the past nearly 3 years of living in socal, we've only had a handful.

until just this past month!

i woke up to the bed rocking and rolling the other morning. a 4.4 right here on the west side of los angeles. i hovered over little sleeping buddy (yes, my 3 year old was in my bed) and looked for signs of a cracking infrastructure. checked with babe - he didn't feel it. that earthquake felt like it went on for a full minute!

then on friday night i was laying on the ground reading buddy stories before bed when i felt BOOM! BOOM! and all of the fixtures started shaking. i kept watching the ceiling fan and she goes: mama, whatchu keep looking at? i hollered out to babe in the living room - big earthquake! he said nah, i didn't feel anything. 5.1! that is big.

none of these felt like the northridge earthquake from 1994, which felt and sounded like a train was going by my (second story) window. that was a 6.7 and it pretty much broke socal for a bit.

fascinating story for you, i'm sure.


Ma said...

I saw on the news this morning that they have some new technology that can detect a tsunami and it is suppose to give people 20 minutes warning that it is coming. I thought to myself can you imagine trying to evacuate L.A. or S.D. in 20 minutes.
Oh well hope I didn`t freak you out.
Love, Ma
Have a good day. ha, ha.

Randi said...

Your ma's comment broke the internet. LOL I love worst case scenarios.

Ma said...

I felt a little bad about my post to your blog so I did a little research on tsunamis. There is a "National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program". The website has a "Tsunami Awareness and Safety Fact Sheet". There is a lot you can do to be safe if a tsunami comes. It`s not that dire. I won`t say anymore. You don`t necessarily need to get out of Dodge. ha, ha.
I won`t say anymore.
Love, Ma