Friday, April 04, 2014

haiku friday - pick one

waiting for the G
with my baby strapped to me
hoping for a seat
hard to be alone
with 8 million neighbors. but
lonely? not too hard.
all new yorkers have
a favorite. mine is the 
blue Manhattan bridge. 

So you guys! NY Times has a haiku contest. You have to write about one of these topics:


6 a.m.

It's due tomorrow. Which one of my three do you like the best? I will enter that one and share the prize with you.*

(there is no prize)


Babe said...

I think go with the G, because there is no love for the G. I wonder if I'm the only one who liked the G train?
But if you use that one, you probably won't win. Because people don't like the G train.

Ang said...

the third one

urbangirl said...

i like #2. but all are good. you are haiku master cod.

Randi said...


Hung said...

The middle one is so good