Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Your exercise for the day

I would like you to list five things you like about yourself.

Because it can be difficult, and I like to set a good example, I will go first:

  1. My hair
  2. My ability to converse with anyone about anything at any time
  3. My stature 
  4. My loud laugh
  5. My willingness to be a friend and have time for people, even though I'm not a big hugger. 


Ang said...

good list dude! i agree you are all of those things!

Ang said...

1. i have nice legs
2. i am a good baker
3. i am a good aunt
4. i am good at trivia
5. i have nice eyebrows

Randi said...

1. I am a good communicator
2. I am loyal and so are the people I surround myself with
3. I laugh a lot so that has to be a good thing
4. I make some cute damn kids
5. I'm a hard workin' son of a gun that can hold down a full time job and a household