Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It's a good thing I'm pretty

Had a nice lunch yesterday with a donor in downtown Culver City. I had sorta messed up with her sponsorship so this was a make up lunch. It went pretty well. My plan was to get back in my car, run an errand, and go work from home for the rest of the day. So, I get back to my car and can't find my keys. I check the usual spots in my purse then peek into the car and see the little flashing red light that indicates my keys are locked in my car. Sad Cod. 

I decide why not get my nails done while I wait for Babe to get back to this side of town. Yes, I could have called AAA but I figure Babe is going to come to Culver City anyways to get Buddy later, right? So I hop on that Culver City Bus and roll down to get my nails done. 

Unfortunately, Babe  didn't have Subaru keys with him today because he was driving a rental car, so he had to pop home before coming to get me. Nice guy, right? 

Anyways. I'm sitting there drying and I reach into my purse and what's that I feel? My keys? Wait what? But the light was on. The red one that flashes when you forget your keys in your car. But I guess it doesn't REALLY know the difference between being right next to the car and in the car because it's not made of magic. Sad, Cod. 

So, I call Babe. Sorry chach, I have my keys. But can you still come pick me up, because I have to go get my car out of the garage. 

Oh, and when you get here can I have cash so I can tip the nice ladies? Thanks!

Well then Babe is dropping me and Buddy off and we go get to the car, and then try to exit the parking garage. Except they are cash only and I just gave all of my money to Joycie for painting my toenails. A measly $3 and I have to drive out of the garage in gridlocked downtown CC, go to an ATM and come back to pay the guy in cash. All the while walking in those little paper shoes from the nail salon.
Bad story, bad writing. You're welcome. 


Ma said...

All I could think after reading your blog was Oh boy! poor Caroline,
and that we have very nice husbands (you and I). He probably never complained
once about having to do all that extra stuff.
Love, Ma

Randi said...

Oh, Cod...