Thursday, February 13, 2014

Coche, 1991 - 2014

What a good girl she was. So rugged, yet comfortable. So easy to drive. 

She drove us all around the Bay Area after college.

She drove us to New York City.
She drove us all over southern California after we moved back here.

On Tuesday, Coche gave up her life protecting husband Babe in a bad traffic accident on the 405. He walked away unharmed because of her bravery, loyalty, and rugged exterior. 

We will miss her but will always cherish the memories. 

Coche, thank you for everything. 


Sam said...

Pouring out some for her. She also drove out from Colorado too....

Randi said...

She was a solid companion and I remember cruising around Berkeley and Oakland in her. She will be missed.

Jessicurl said...

I'm glad Babe walked away unharmed! Phew.