Thursday, January 02, 2014

happy new year!

Look at this, guys! 

You ever get one of these flowers from someone? 

It usually blooms once and then it is gone for good. Well, I got this for my beeday last year (so 2012!) and I brought it to work. I googled how to care for it, which included, once the bloom was gone, letting it completely dry out for at least six months. 

Anyways, I've been back to watering it and I thought I saw this little bud forming before I left for break and when I came back today Lo! A wee flower.

Happy 2014 indeed! 


Randi said...

I'm impressed!

Anonymous said...

i have two from two gfs who stayed with us over memorial day 2012. mainman and i still have them and we named them after each gf and had a competition to see who could keep them the longest. they're looking a little rough, but we definitely set a personal record by keeping them well over a year! #orchidwhisperers