Wednesday, January 15, 2014


tomorrow morning i have to go to court to testify against the kid who robbed me in broad daylight in front of my building in August. 

that's gonna stink! 

8:30 am in juvenile court here in the good city of los angeles.

did i tell you i got a subpoena to appear in court? yeah, you heard me. i had a cop calling me from downstairs in my office building to give me the paper that said i have to show up in court.

and it had a big old blown up picture of my face on it.

crazy, right?

i guess i didn't tell you about getting robbed, did i? 

see, i told you i owe you a lot of information. 

that story, to follow. 


Randi said...

Maybe mention the giant pool of blood you had to side step? Unrelated to said robbery? LOL

Ang said...

good luck dude!

urbangirl said...

i thought maybe this was going to be a story about me. but instead it was a story about you going to court for being robbed by a kid. i guess i should be a little less self-involved. lesson learned! thanks cb! and good luck!