Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wrap it up

Five places I went in 2013
1. Washington DC
2. San Francisco
3. San Jose
4. Wisconsin
5. Lake Tahoe

Four accomplishments of the past year
1. Held a brilliant conference at work
2. Potty trained Buddy. (Partly her accomplishment, of course!)
3. Bought a house.
4. Celebrated ten years of marriage.

Three things I learned in 2013
1. How to buy a house.
2. That even on no sleep, a road trip with my sisters is hilariously good fun.
3. How to camp with a toddler.

Two things I wanted to do but didnt in 2013
1. Get knocked up!
2. Go to NYC.

One thing I am really glad about with regard to 2013
1. That it is almost over.

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