Monday, December 23, 2013

wknd pics

We went to Malibu on Saturday to see the Reindeer. I took this pic to illustrate what everyone looks like in Malibu, Babe included. 

I have laryngitis today - though it's better today than yesterday. Anyways I completely blame this game. 

I can't believe she did it! Isn't this pic so So Cal Christmas? Santa was passing out little oranges. 

Buddy's first hair cut. I didn't cry. I mean she didn't.  I didn't either. 


Randi said...

Mr. Hanky and a mooning Santa. Holler.

Ang said...

i can't wait to play that game!

Ma said...

I like Buddie`s little pink jacket/coat.
And of course there was the grinch, her favorite.
I got a DVD for her to watch when you come about
princesses but I said to myself, you know we will
be watching the Grinch.
Love, Ma