Wednesday, December 18, 2013

to do list

  • still need to purchase some gifts for the husband.
  • i stopped at 60 on my christmas cards, those last 15 i have been carrying around with me for a week. need to go ahead and get those done.
  • i have a stack of work that i need to attend to. we're off on tuesday, the 24th and stay out until january 2nd. probably should take care of this stuff.
  • i am mostly not getting gifts for peeps this year, but i do have a couple more items to buy.
  • i need to do some menu planning. we're having our very first christmas just the three of us ever so i need to go ahead and figure out what we're gonna eat. 
  • we're celebrating as a fam down in san diego on my dad's birthday so i need to plan what i am going to make for that.
  • make toffee bars for the work peeps.
  • make my dip for the friday work party, get ingredients. 
  • we made one gingerbread house last night, but have another kit so could probably go ahead and do that. want to see some pictures? here:


Randi said...

That's a pretty dope house. We didn't buy gifts outside the family this year and I'm pretty sure that's just the way it's gonna be.

Ang said...

good job on the house....did you guys like the cookies we made?