Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly 2013 Edition

The Good

  • We bought a house!
  • My job got really interesting.
  • Babe got a new job that is awesome.
  • Buddy is cuter literally every single day. I think she is warping the space time continuum on cuteness. 
  • Spent a lot of good quality time with my family and friends. Really got to hang out a lot with Sun and Ang in particular. Digging that. 
The Bad

  • Some traumatic shit happened this year. I'm not gonna lie. Buddy had to be hospitalized. I hated that.
  • We dealt with some loss in a pretty serious way. I don't want to make a list, but that was definitely in the "bad" category. 
  • Haven't saved much money since purchasing the house. Seems like all we do is spend it? 
  • The Yankees were downright awful this year. The California Golden Bears only won one game. 
The Ugly
  • Commuting in Los Angeles is a beast and a monster and I spend about $10 a day driving to work. 
  • My waistline has not fared so well this year, my friends. Not so well at all. There's always January, right?! 
  • I mean, worldwide? Things have gotten pretty ugly. The president is spying on us, people keep shooting each other and there's not  a whole lot of equality going on. But, that's not what this blog is about, right people? This is the place to relax on the web. Not get all angry. 


Ang said...

i think 2014 will be better...it has to be.

Randi said...

Brad has a theory on odd numbered years and that they are shit so I am gonna second Ang.
Already in 2014 we have girl baby to look forward to. Holler.

urbangirl said...

i miss you! 2014 - i'll see you then! (sometime)