Wednesday, December 11, 2013

my christmas list

because, why the heck not, am i right people?

  1. a beautiful, artsy, chunky necklace that i can wear with my boring work clothes:
  2. a tall pair of boots that are both comfortable and fashionable:
  3. a pair of gray suede booties: 
  4. anything from l'occitane:
  5. starbucks gift card: 
  6. a new pair of shades:
  7. a fancy new case for my iphone, like this one: 
  8. And these: 


Randi said...

Starbucks. Yup.

Ma said...

Very nice items, Cod.
Hope Santa (Mike) can accomodate
all those.
Love, Ma

Babe said...

All of them?!