Wednesday, December 04, 2013


  • Dude! I loved hosting in my new house. Thanksgiving was great - me and my sisters cooked all day and there was room for all of us. The next day was Babe's birthday party/Friendsgiving and that was tremendous, too!
  • I wish with all of my heart that Southern California had better breakfast sandwiches. There are some days I would pay $50 for an egg and cheese on a roll. 
  • It's nice and chilly here today. Gorgeous out, sun is shining. Mid-sixties. Hey, Cali winter. You're the best!
  • Excited that my new house appears to have insulation. The old house, you may recall, was made of cardboard and you were practically warmer standing outside in the evening.
  • Babe took off today to San Jose. He is starting his new job! Go Babe! He'll be back though. Just in case that seemed weird.

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