Tuesday, December 10, 2013

funny christmas items from the interwebs

  1. My kid's insane Christmas list, annotated ""New American Girl Doll of the Year 2014." The heartless corporate executives at American Girl roll out a new "doll of the year" doll every year, complete with its own book and shitty DVD movie (the last one starred Nia Vardalos and Ian Ziering) and a meticulously crafted backstory that reads like an account planner's wet dream ("She's a spirited girl who draws on her passions to inspire action!"). And the kicker is that these dolls are always sold for a limited time (the 2013 doll of the year, Saige, is also on my kid's wish list and costs $110 if you can find her), so that mothers around the world step on each other's gullets just to secure one for their brainwashed offspring. Anyway, American Girl has not named its stupid doll of the year for NEXT year yet, but my kid wants it anyway. I assume the doll's name will be Kayden. Here is my kid asking for a present from the future, and that represents one of the more reasonable items. I love you, but you cannot have this, sweetheart."
  2. Please see below to enjoy Jimmy Fallon and other's singing holiday lyrics to current jams: 

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BON said...

That Christmas list made me laugh a lot. Heh. Thanks!