Monday, November 04, 2013

wknd and halloween pictures!

Buddy as wonder woman - might be the best thing ever? Might be the Christmas card. 
Here's my birthday picture. I just turned thirty six! 

Ringing in my beeday doing karaoke for the first time. I wish I could describe in words how amazing and wonderful the night was. It was by far the funnest birthday I have had in years. 

Belting out Bobby McGee. I may devote a whole post later in the week to the Professor bringing down the house with his Sweet Child of Mine performance. 

And then my folks came over on Sunday and this morning I drove my dad to the airport. He is off to India for three weeks. It was so nice to have him at my house last night. He made dinner and we all ate together and he read buddy stories. This morning she said "Where is Granpa?!" 


Hung said...

She rocks that Wonder Woman 'fit magnificently.

Randi said...

Super fun tymz!