Wednesday, November 06, 2013


Well, vacation is probably a stretch. But, today, I took a vacation day from work and we're taking Buddy to Disneyland! Babe is at work right now and then will probably have to go after we are done at Disneyland. Isn't being an architect grand?

Anyways, Buddy is pretty excited but really has no idea what she's getting into. We've never been, you see! She's listing characters off she wants to see and has a feeling there will be candy available for consumption. Sounds about right to me.

We're meeting the cousins and my sibling sunny there so that adds to the awesomeness of today.

We're even taking the "real camera." I know, right?


Randi said...

Have fun dude. May the good Lord bless you with short lines. Amen.

Hung said...

Is she more excited or are you? This sounds like so much fun- good luck! I hear princess tea time is the bomb for little girls. Sally has all the inside info if you want some tips.