Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bee Eff Eff's Dad

Let me tell you a few things about Bee Eff Eff's Dad:

  • Everyone who ever met him, liked him. Old people and babies alike. 
  • He was from North Dakota, and I'm pretty sure still rocked cowboy boots occasionally, but I could be making that up.
  • He was always super nice to me even in the beginning when I was somewhat of a trouble maker and his daughter was a super good girl. 
  • In high school, he would let us hang out at his house, but more than once had to come outside to kick out the boys. "It's time to come inside, girls."
  • In recent years, he sported a dashing goatie.
  • He built his business from nothing to a incredibly well-known and successful business.
  • He had a potty mouth and liked to drink beer out of a can.
  • At every single family function since I moved here two years ago, and every one I was in town for before, he sat down and talked to me and asked me how my family was doing and just generally shot the shit with me. He had a way of making you feel very welcome. 
I'm super sad that he is gone and I am going to miss him. I think it is complete and utter bullshit that I am eulogizing him today.

He did a lot of amazing things with his life and left a beautiful family and a tremendous legacy in Oxnard. If you've ever eaten strawberries purchased at a store, he very likely made the package it was sold in. True story.

It looks like his peeps are directing donations to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research , or you can also pop over to BFF's blog and give her some sugar. I bet she could use it.


Ang said...

beautiful tribute.....no truer words were ever spoken....rest in peace doug....

Randi said...

Perfectly said. Love you.

Nancy said...

Thoughts and prayers with Randi today--Infinite hugs...