Monday, October 14, 2013

Wknd Pics

Before I get into the pics, a little story.

Buddy and I had a little conversation this this morning on the way to school:

Buddy: Mama! Halloween is coming soon!
Me: I know! What are you going to be?
Buddy: Wonder woman.
Me: What should I dress up as?
Buddy: Swiper.
Me: And Dada?
Buddy: Daddy is Belle. And Ori is Elmo!
Me: Got it. Daddy is Belle and Ori is Elmo.
Buddy: And Nava is Tico, and Auntie Sunny is Isa and Ben is Swiper, too.
Me: And Auntie Angela?
Buddy: Auntie Angela is a tree.

There. So now you know who everyone is.

Big sandwich for tailgate. 

Tailgate at the Rosebowl. 


Buddy playing in Pottery Barn Kids with Auntie while I shopped. 

Buddy eating her sundae. 


Randi said...

First things first, Can't wait to see Babe as Belle.

Secondly, the picture captioned "Tailgate at the Rosebowl" - is everyone choking on the giant sando? LOL

Hung said...

Huelan was talking in her sleep the other night and she said, very clearly and firmly, "Swiper no swiping."

Ang said...

i'll have to find a tree costume now dude! haha!