Thursday, October 10, 2013


Thanks, by the way, guys for the awesome pats on the back!

So, you know I have an occasional feature comparing LA to NYC. And I have one always going in my head, for sure.

NYC is still the greatest city in the world, no doubt about that. 

But, I saw this link on my the facebook and it makes me laugh out loud, because it is so damn true. Click it! Seriously.

I hope you do click it, because while the pictures are funny, they have this "level of LA-ness" associated with each picture. And they are all true. For example:

Level of L.A.-ness: Saying you’re 15 minutes away when you’re driving, but you’re actually 30.

Level of L.A.-ness: Putting on a cardigan when it’s colder than 70 degrees. 
( I swear to god, yesterday my boss and all my coworkers were talking about how FREEZING it was.)

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