Monday, October 21, 2013

DC & Weekend Pics

Hotel we stayed in, in DC. 

I missed picture day. :( But, Babe did a phenomenal job of getting Buddy ready. 

The biscuits in DC are good. 

A beautiful old house in Old Alexandria, Virginia. 

Mt. Vernon garden

Mt. Vernon garden

Slave quarters at Mt. Vernon

Mt. Vernon 

Original building from late 1700s. 

The Potomac. 

George & Lady Washington 

Statue bootie. 

Do those look familiar? It's because they are the stairs from the exorcist. AAACK. 


Sadie Rose 



Trees starting to change. 

Pensive Buddy at the beach. 

Flowers from my front yard. 



Randi said...

Rad photos! But "slaves"... are you sure? There weren't any of those in VA...

Ang said...

cool pics dude! did you take her to the pier with the aquarium?

Michele said...

Nice pics.