Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Misc. Items

  • Here's a link to 30 pieces of wisdom you can find in Haruki Murakami's books. You will enjoy!
  • It's the beginning of cold season. I can tell because Buddy is home from school today and I can hear one of my coworkers hacking up a lung. Awesome.
  • Hosting a wee baby shower for a friend on Sunday. What's your favorite shower game? There are only about 8 women, so nothing too elaborate. Nothing with measuring either, please! 
  • Hosting a national conference on Veterans' Affairs in the first week of October. Have 300 attendees so far and the mayor will give an address.
  • Had lunch with Nate Silver on Friday. Ya' heard. 


Randi said...

If it's a small shower, I enjoy the game where everyone has a necklace and if you catch someone say "Baby" or "cute" you get to snatch their necklace and the one with the most left is the winner.

Christine said...

I once went to a shower where the host asked everyone to grab some change from their purse (a quarter, a dime, etc) and then they passed around a cute piggy bank, and when you put your coin in, you made a wish for baby and mama. Then, they gave the piggy bank to mama to start a savings account for baby's college, future, etc. I thought it was really lovely to hear everyone's wishes for the baby :)