Friday, September 27, 2013

Haiku Friday

My worst week ever.
Absolutely horrible.
Buddy got so sick.

First urgent care, then
ER, then the hospital.
A hard time breathing.

My poor sweet buddy.
Fighting so hard to get air.
They took good care though.

Doctors and nurses.
She is at home now with me.
She is breathing good.

Like baby asthma.
She caught a really bad cold.
Hope its only once.


Randi said...

Sending all our love and good thoughts to all of you. xoxo

Ang said...

she is a tough girl....i am glad she is feeling a bit better now.

Jessicurl said...

Oh no! Poor Buddy! Poor Caroline and Mike! So glad she is on the mend and here's hoping it was an isolated event.Thinking of you.

(P.S. My "prove you're not a robot" phrase is "purtylud" which I think is the internet's way of saying that you are a pretty lady.)

Nancy said...

Poor baby, sending hugs and love your way. Hope she has a speedy recovery/