Thursday, August 15, 2013


Today, so far, I have:

  • Gotten Buddy ready for the day and dropped her at daycare.
  • Gotten myself ready for the day, too.
  • Drove to my new house for the final walk through. Everything looks GREAT.
  • Met with a house painter and talked through what I was looking for. (Estimate to be received Sunday evening.)
  • Talked to my boss on the phone.
  • Talked with my Ma on the phone.
  • Spent an hour and a half waiting to get my car smogged.
  • While waiting to get coche smog tested, I had a call with a donor, and two more calls with my coworkers.
  • I also researched and booked a house cleaner for the new pad.
  • I got the car smogged and she passed!
  • I got a bagel and a coffee from Tanners.
  • I returned a swimsuit to big five.
  • I threw in a load of laundry.
And now I am home, and it is 12:30.

I won't tell you what I have planned for the rest of the day, but it includes continuing to work from home, clean up my pad, call the bed place about bed delivery, and see Stretch Armstrong.

Happy Thursday, ya'all!

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Randi said...

Get after it, you wild woman! Handle ALL THE THINGS!!!