Thursday, August 22, 2013


It's move-in day here on campus and all the parental units are dropping off their children to live in the dorm. Definitely takes me back to that summer of '95 where my mom and dad drove me up to Berkeley.

I can't really even count the times I have moved since then. I mean, I guess I could but the number is not really that important. A lot of times. It was every year for awhile.

A few big moves, too. I moved in with Babe, that was a big move. Then, we sold all of our stuff and moved across country. Drove coche out there. Then nearly a decade later, we moved back. That  move, two years ago, was so big. We had all of our stuff shipped and then got one way tickets from NYC to San Diego.

This move to our new house is altogether different. That move from NYC, I had taken a whole month off work and we just had a little baby. This move, across town, I have so much work to do and have a three year old. I never would have known this at the time but its much easier to move with a baby.

Anyways, it's going great. We are almost packed and we have movers. I am working from home all week next week and will be able to unpack and play with buddy.

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