Tuesday, August 06, 2013

House Update

  • We're moving in two and a half weeks. 
  • We bought a house, sort of unexpectedly. We had hoped to buy a house next summer, when Buddy turns four, so she would be in a good area to go to school. But, I was at dinner with a friend of mine from New York who said: Hey, do you want to buy a house in the South Bay? And I said, not really. How much? And she gave me the price, and it was right smack dab in our wheelhouse. So we said yes. Houses for sale in my current neighborhood are in the 800,000 range, and this is about half of that.
  • It wasn't listed or anything, so we shaved off a pretty penny because of no broker fees.
  • It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom itty-bitty house built in the late 80s, about 8 miles south of where I live now. It is 3 miles from the ocean and a half a block from one of the best public schools in southern California. 
  • The schools are excellent, up til the 8th grade. And they are currently in the process of building a high school.
  • The neighborhood is mostly families, it seems. Because of the school district there are lots of kids. It is close to many, many, many mega retailers. Not so much walkable. 
  • What else can I tell you? I'm excited. 


Randi said...

Two bathrooms rulz!

Christine said...

Dude! Congrats! Awesome news! Can't wait to see pics/hear all about it!