Wednesday, August 14, 2013

10 years ago today!

Ten years ago today I was chilling in a beautiful house in East Oakland waiting for my then fiance to arrive from NYC. I had arrived a few days prior with my sister and her tiny baby who is now ten.

Allz of a sudden there was a freaking CRAZY BLACKOUT and Babe was stranded!! He totally waited in an hour long line for a payphone to call me with an update, then walked for hundreds of miles (nope, but many blocks), got an airporter bus and went to the airport. Unbelievable but true, JetBlue was the only airline running their own generator and he was able to fly out. Many, many, many hours later. He had gone out the night before for a bachelor party type thing and was in terrible shape, mind you. It was very hot in NYC and he had very little sustenance. But he made it! Man I wish I had more time to tell you that whole story, and better.

Here are some pictures from the blackout of 2003.

1 comment:

Ma said...

I liked the pictures, Cod.
Wow! what an impact on so
many people. Was thinking
of how the hospitals must
have had to operate during
the black out.
Glad "Babe" made it out
here o.k. ha, ha.
Love, Ma