Monday, July 29, 2013

Wknd Pics

My weekend started early because I took Friday off because I wanted to. Here's me and Buddy playing hide and seek at an outdoor mall near my house. 

Doesn't husband look nice in this picture? 

This one is pretty good, too. 

On Saturday, we went to this totally weird museum of Jurassic technology on Venice. We went with a bunch of friends but especially with VINCENT. It was full of strange oddities. Anyways, no pictures where allowed so you'll just have to go. I did sneak this one on the roof though:

Then we went to lunch, where Ang took buddy to see the dancing lion by request. 

We sort of randomly went out through the good grace of my sister and ended up watching karaoke at a bar. It was so much I'm so glad we went. 

Important picture of me and VINCENT. 

Here's all of us enjoying some tunes. In the middle there is VINCENT. 

Buddy looks so Santa Monica here I had to take her picture. Because Santa Monica is full of homeless people and rich people who look like homeless people. 


Randi said...

Great photos once again. I can always tell when our children are experiencing growth spurts because their faces are slender and their necks are long.
Glad VINCENT was a huge part of your weekend... I don't get it.

Ang said...

so glad you guys got to hang out with VINCENT on saturday night....

Vincent said...

What a fun weekend! And VINCENT made the blog! Holllerrr! :o)