Wednesday, July 24, 2013


One of my good friends, Courtesy, is riding her bike from Vancouver to TJ to raise money to fight MS. You should donate! But, you should also check out their blog, which is featured on my sidebar: Tretre and SeaWolf's Big Adventure. I can't imagine doing what they are doing, because I am simply out of shape and not very at things, but it looks so cool and like so much fun!

I'm telling you, I think I need a vacay. Not because I'm so overworked or anything, but I just feel like seeing some new things and being all blown away by some sights.

I talked to a guy in the elevator this morning who was planning a trip to New Orleans for a week. The girl who works next to me is going to the Dominican Republic for ten days. These women I was speaking with on Monday are going to China and Japan. Not sure where I would go, but still thinking the Pacific Northwest would be nice. Hawaii. Somewhere chill.

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