Thursday, June 20, 2013


Sorry for the blog silence people. This has been quite the week. Buddy caught a fever on Tuesday and so we had to do some serious juggling to make sure she was well taken care of at home. And she was.

It also *seems* like we might be buying a house? So, that fell into our lap and has left us completely scrambling.

And it does seem like work is only getting busier, not at all feeling like summer relaxation.

Of course, we're also having a big party in a week and a few days and my sweet girl has a birthday coming up.

Overall though, all of the above, except the fever, is incredibly good news. And the fever actually gave me an opportunity to take a nap with Buddy yesterday so how on earth could that be bad?

It couldn't be.

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Ang said...

hope sash is feeling better today...i would have come up there to help out....