Monday, June 10, 2013

Road Trip Weekend Pictures

We drove up to Fresno on Friday to see Dani graduate high school. We got there a little late, and squeezed in with Gabs and her whole family. We were a tad alarmed that it would take a long time for the names of the 560 graduates to be called, but it was a breeze and flew by in less than an hour. I can't believe Dani's all grown up! She looks beautiful and grown up. 

It's possible that it flew by because these two little boys are who I spent the hour staring at. Gabby's nephews are unbelievably cute. 

Then this happened.

And this. 

And this. 

We headed out after a nice pizza party and noticed it sure gets hot in Fresno!  

Here's the view from the Ly's deck. Nice, huh? 

And here's the two girls playing. 

And drinking juice. 

And playing. 

And sharing.

Thank you, Lys!!! 

Princess did so good the whole way. She slept on the way home after we put on her PeeJays. We got home in five hours from the  bay. Wow! 
I wish we had one more day!! 

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