Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Last night

Last night, I had a quintessential LA evening.

I drove to Hollywood to see a friend's screening of his film. In true LA form, traffic driving to Hollywood was unbelievable. I mean I literally sat for 10 minutes and didn't go anywhere. I cut out and took side streets, where my poor darling Subaru was beaten up by a crazy homeless dude.

When I got near Hollywood and Highland, I started to look for parking. I drove into a valet lot and the dude asked me where I was going. I told him which theater I was going to, he turned his nose up and said they didn't have any parking available for that theater. Bah! So, I found a five dollar lot and parked the 'ru. While putting on my new wedge sandals, a little mini cooper honked her tiny horn so I could get out of her way so she could pull in. Sigh.

I walked the three blocks to the dive bar I was meeting my girlfriend at for a beer prior to the show. Walking along Hollywood Blvd is genius and disgusting. Walking over all the stars with names on them, tourists EVERYWHERE and people trying to holler at you. Just like Times Square.

We met at a great dive bar that had booths open and good beer on tap. (As well as bad beer.)

We strolled over to catch the screening and the film...was short. Great to see my friend, though.

Then we had a $7.00 hot dog and I drove home.

A perfectly LA evening.

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Randi said...

Sounds about right dude... Good times.