Monday, May 06, 2013

Wknd Picture

You'd never know from this one lonely picture what a busy and fun weekend we had. We had Sammy Oi over on Friday, the lenscirrun over on Saturday, BON y JASON visiting from NYC, Cin's beeday party in the LBC, farmers market and supper club.

But, I guess I was too busy having fun to snap any photos. I'll see if I can make up for it later in the week. 


Anonymous said...

Your ma said they are Impenadas. They sure look yummy for the tummy.

Love to all, Dad

Randi said...

Bon y Jason huh? I am pretty sure that's Bacon and Chesney... I have TONS of weekend pics I would love to share with your readers but blogger is a b-word. xoxo

Word verification: rabbinic rydicta. Hmm...