Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wknd Pics - one day late but worth it.

This past weekend was definitely brought to you by the "selfie." Buddy decided to put her footie in this one, last minute. 

We took a walk to Tanners. 

This is what buddy thought of her nap on Monday. 

She pushed dada on the swing at the nieghbor's bbq. 

We walked to Tanners. 

She fed these crazy fish. 

She grinned. 

She drove a car. 

We played with street art. 

Fed the fish, yes. we're out of order. 


Me and Chach. 


Funny selfie with buddy on my shoulders. 

Family Selfie. 


Randi said...

Damn it. I love you all too many.

Ang said...

i love her feet!