Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Today's topic: Pets

I just looked for a while for a pic of my dog when I was growing up, Candy. She was a half Labrador  part Akita and she was awesome. Such a nice girl. I took her to dog training class. Incidentally, I met BFF and Crust there, even before we all went to school together. (Speaking of Crusty, I unintentionally left her off of my top five blog list - she definitely is one of my top five! Sorry, Crust.)

We don't have a pet now and I'm super duper glad. I think dogs are cute but I don't want one. I think the walking would be nice, but I think I can also just take a walk.

Besides Buddy is terrified of them.

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Ma said...

I still miss Candace.
Love, Ma